El Sancho Tequila

Naming, branding, and packaging design 
“El Sancho” is Mexican slang for the other man. The packaging depicts a handsome modern man who will keep all your secrets. The gift box contains a false bottom in which you can hide all of El Sancho’s love letters. The pattern is inspired by Guayabera shirts and blue agave from which tequila is made. El Sancho is meant to be a humorous product since tequila is known to be the party drink. The bottle contains a secret message that can be seen through the window at the front of the bottle.

There are three types of tequila in the El Sancho range, each describing the type of man as well as the type of tequila:
Joven - Young and Spicy
Reposado - Mature and Suave
Añejo - Aged to Perfection

Credits: Tom Ingalls (art direction)